A 56-year-old man was shot and killed Saturday afternoon near the intersection of California and Flournoy in the Garfield Park neighborhood and the police pursuit of the suspected murderers was abruptly terminated as officers closed in. Craig has some brief thoughts.

I struggle to understand how forcing officers to terminate the pursuit of a confirmed stolen vehicle with four homicide suspects inside, spotted mere moments after committing not just their first shots fired incident but their second shots fired incident on the same day, the second being the one in which a 56-year-old man was in fact actually murdered, continues to keep this city's residents safe now and into the future? I struggle to understand how long this city can continue to metaphorically handcuff officers from doing what it is we asked them to sign up to do and continue to expect a magical turn around of our internationally violent reputation? And I struggle to understand how anyone told to contain their courage and bravery can work without a realistic goal let alone an actual plan without crushing their morale?

Quite frankly, I struggle to understand how these unseen policymakers and those who continue to proselytize these policies before us can continue to look anyone in this city in the eye.

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