Challenge Media

Challenge Media

Motto: "Challenge Everything."

Challenge Media is a new media company made for a new age.

Though it was officially formed in the late summer of 2016, if you've been on the internet over the last 20 years, it's likely you've seen some of our work. What began as a loose collective posting art wherever there was a submit/post button, Challenge Media finally went legitimate and began publishing creative content for the internet and its own digital publications.

Challenge Media is a unique startup that is uncompromising in its belief in creative and editorial independence. The company refuses to cater to outside shareholder investment or change course based on the whims of venture capital. The company refuses to rely on donations. While we do work with advertisers, annual budgetary decisions are made solely upon the readership/subscriber base.

We do all this to protect our publications. Strictly operating this way allows our business to remain committed to both our employees and our readership/subscriber base and it allows us and them greatest amount of freedom in thought and opinion.

Chicago Journal

Chicago Journal

The Chicago Journal is a general interest, digital publication focused on the political, cultural, and economic issues of the city of Chicago and the surrounding metro area.

We’re a small, privately-owned, independent operation that believes in hard work and that Chicago is *the* Great American City. We're committed to telling the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny story of this town.

It’s our goal to, one day, become a digital destination and essential resource in the lives of our readers. We invite you on this journey and we hope that you’ll stick with us as we do our best to grow the Chicago Journal into something special.

the æon society

the æon society

Motto: "Forever, for All..."

The æon Society is a loosely organized philosophical society dedicated to the observation, study, discussion, and analysis of the best practices and principles for civilization(s).

Periodically, the æon society will consider reviewing and assist composing non-partisan public policy recommendations with the simple goal of protecting the rights of individuals and families while providing the maximum benefit to communities.



The Evangelines are a small group of practitioners of what can be described, at times, as both a religious philosophy and a philosophy of religion. A metareligion and a metaphilosophy.

Some call it a syncretism while others call it a return to the foundation of spirituality. It is ancient and it is modern. It may be the first of its kind, and it is perhaps the last of its kind.

Do not be afraid.

Sons & Daughters

The Sons & Daughters

The Sons & Daughters is a voluntary non-political educational movement for young people and their parents or mentors.

Building off of the scouting movements and mentorship programs developed throughout the last century, and blending aspects of the Church Elder and medieval artisan traditions, its purpose is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual potentials as individuals and as responsible citizens and members of their local, national, and international communities.

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