Hello and Welcome.

This site is a place for clients, friends, and new acquaintances to learn more. If it is online or offline and it is from Craig, you will see it here. Like all of life, it is a neverending work in progress.


Neil Steinberg said what?

Neil Steinberg published a column in the Chicago Sun-Times last week that had everyone talking. Since Neil made it clear that he doesn’t care to hear anyone’s criticisms in return, well, Craig just couldn’t help himself.

My Old Fashioned Guy

Everyone in Chicago has a guy for something and, after a brief break, in Craig’s first column back he wanted to write about his Old Fashioned guy.

The Who did the Huh with the What now?

Just when you begin to think the behavior of the people in leadership positions in this town can’t possibly get anymore absurd, another story like this one comes to light. Regardless of how it eventually plays out, Craig shares his...

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