Neil Steinberg published a column in the Chicago Sun-Times last week that had everyone talking. Since Neil made it clear that he doesn’t care to hear anyone’s criticisms in return, well, Craig just couldn’t help himself.

"God bless free speech."

That's how Neil Steinberg began his column for the Chicago Sun-Times last week and, I gotta tell ya, I could not agree more.

God bless free speech for every reason Neil Steinberg said at the beginning of his column, including but not limited to that it allows columnists — or anybody else — to write whatever we want without fear the government is going to haul us off to jail, it allows us to air the truth as we see it including but not limited to anything you want to say about former Presidents, and it includes but is not limited to the freedom of speech to resist a war we are currently fighting. But also God bless free speech because it allows for people like Neil Steinberg to expose himself to the masses every god damned day so they can read for themselves that Neil and people like Neil don't know a god damned thing they're talking about.

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