Just when you begin to think the behavior of the people in leadership positions in this town can’t possibly get anymore absurd, another story like this one comes to light. Regardless of how it eventually plays out, Craig shares his comments on yet another highlight in the long line of highlights to one of his primary recent themes. It’s yet another example in a long line of examples of the hypocrisy and incompetence the people of this city see and experience on a daily basis. And it’s a big, bright, shining star of an example for critics to point toward and will outshine hundreds of jobs well-done.

In every big city in the world, and the little ones, too, every so often there comes a simple story that, at first, seems relatively inconsequential but, as more and more information is scrutinized and one thing reveals itself to lead to another, you follow the white rabbit and, next thing you know, you find yourself reporting from Wonderland. Or if I'm really going to start this off with a reference to a children's book, maybe it'd be better said due to the Chicago connection that, one day, among the many pathways and roads nearby, all of which lead in various directions, you find the one paved with bright yellow bricks.

Next thing you know, you're looking up from the paper or the computer or the television with wide eyes and perhaps a smirk and thinking to yourself, "the Who did the Huh with the What now?!"

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