Man knows bloodlust not

Until revealed

As he savors a midnight snack

And sees

In the dim light of the open refrigerator door

Cast across the kitchen floor

The true scope of the Black Army invading his lands under the cover of darkness

Their tiny shadows floating across the surface

Not since Alexander

Not since Abd-Al-Rahman

Not since Napoleon, Barbarossa, nor Lucifer has such Sin been so parade

But with this

This like all others

Cometh the fall

At once it rises

The genetic memory passed down through the ages

Man’s greatest purpose

To provide and to protect

His wife will wake in the morn’

And not even the Wrath of God will cause him to flinch as does the thought of her reaction when she stand on the shores of that black river

How little their ærth

How small their place

How great their hubris

To believe

Perhaps as we believe

That they can tame this Great Mystery

That there be nothing

Neither above nor below

That can halt their long march to the stars

That they, too, will one day peek behind the curtain

One day lift the veil

One day know the unknowable and free themselves from this eternal torment


Far, far away

Perhaps, but still

The decision was made long, long ago

Before we first crawled out of the slime

The choice is no more mine than it is theirs

And it is in that moment a humble prayer is said with the hope that be enough

To save me from the horrors I am to commit

For I am the Righteous Hand of God

The dam breaks