Same as when he wrote about Robyn Gabel and Bob Morgan’s awful policy last month, Craig simply just can’t abide Jonathan Carroll writing bad law and advancing bad policy that set obscene and immoral precedent.

Every now and then in this life, something comes along that drags truth out of a person and gives us a proper glimpse into their true selves. The real truth, the low-down dirty and dastard truth, out from the dark corners and deep chasms buried inside.

It can be a valuable object or a beautiful piece of property, it can be a person, it can be a thought or a philosophy, and it can be an event or the reaction to that event that triggers the behavior. It can be anything really and it can come from anywhere. No matter what it is, it brings some real nastiness to the surface.

COVID-19 certainly qualifies as such an event. And now that we're 2 years into whatever this is, it has become a gift that keeps on giving to those of us always looking for the way people *really* feel.

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