Think I had too much to drink

O’cause I’m beginnen’ to think

A li’l too much about the passt


Like this glass here in fffront of me

I ne’er reali’e until it’s emptee

Tha’ nothin’ good evah lastss


Fill up my glass again!

Have another drink with me my frien’

And let’s raise a toas’ to ourselves until the day begin aga’n

We’re here, spinnin’ ‘round on this careousel

Just tryin’ tah liveit an’ live it well

‘til some day it stops and bids ye’adieu, bon voya’, fare t’e’ well


Pour me sumthin’ straawng!

So I cen remember jus’ whare itall went wrong

When I was a younga man

An’ please

Please play my favorite song

I promise it ayn’t toooo long

Tonigh’ all that damn jukeboks has played are Saynt Valentyne shams

My glass

Repreessents all æternity

Fillitup ag’in soon as it’s emptey

Just make sure you wash away all that memorey

And on

And on andonand on it goes

And on and onandonandon it go’

And on andonandonandon it goes

And on andonandonandon

And on and on andonandon

Andon and on and on and on

And on


You’s gah alla my money!

Please please pleeease have mersey on meee

An’ fill my glass until my min’ reaches the subli’e

I promise

You’ll ne’er see mee agaen

I’ll dissappear intothe nite like some great magician

And I’ll nevah come back until that clokk strike thirteen times


Thass some’in’ I haappen to know

I learne’ from an ol’ man on the syde of the road

Somewhere in the mi’le of the night on hiway ninety fo’’


What was I juss talkin’ abou’?

Where was I? O’yah, can’t seem to figure out

Whyyy I’ve spent soo much time tryin’ to fin’ the eeeasy route


guess I justcan’t get enough


Just can’t geeet enough


Cain’t get enuf

Iguess I jus’ cain’t get enough


Can’t get enough

I jusscan’t get enough


Just can’t get enough

Just can’t get enough

Just can’t get enough

Just can’t get enough

Just can’t get enough

Just can’t get enough